Nairad Health is an outpatient mental health and substance abuse provider in Saint Joseph, Michigan. We pride ourselves in our effective counseling and treatment of individuals seeking to overcome substance abuse and other behavioral disorders. Nairad Health was established to help individuals live a healthier and happier life.

From Acceptance Comes Healing

Accepting a problem is a major step towards resolving it. Even if you are helping out a family member or friend, accepting that he or she needs assistance will eventually lead them towards healing. At Nairad Health, we want to assist individuals to overcome substance use and other behavioral disorders so they can make space for those things in their lives that brings them true and lasting happiness.

Compassionate. Confidential.

Our team of compassionate and experienced professionals and support staff will always treat you with compassion, respect and integrity. Nairad Health will always treat your confidentiality with utmost sanctity.


At Nairad Health, we value results and do not give up until your desired result has been achieved. Our proven track record in turning around the lives of many who battle substance use and other behavioral health disorders gives us the confidence of knowing that we can surely guide individuals towards healing.

Variety of Services

At our outpatient office, we offer a variety of services, such as: individual and group substance abuse counseling, drivers license evaluations/assessments, employee and student drug screening, alcohol and highway safety education classes, office-based opioid treatment and more. Please visit our services section to know more about our offerings.

Take A Step, Today

Help us, to help you. Or decide that you want to help a family member or friend. Call us today at (269) 408-8235. It’s a new beginning.

Let Us Help You

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